No one’s claimed it so I thought, there would be no harm if we borrowed it for our honeymoon.


Mama Regal tweeting her Evil Regals


everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19


making gifs of your otp is basically 20 minutes of photoshop and 2 hours of having the same scene on repeat and cry endlessly 

Jesse Williams speaks the truth (X)

Cristina and Callie in 7x08: Something’s Gotta Give

Directors Guild Awards, 2014.

Directors Guild Awards, 2014.

Anonymous asked:
"page yang" jfc kill me now this is why youtubing owen scenes is no good :(((( i hate the idea of a owen/amelia relationship. the writers are officially insane - CRISTINA IS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. sigh.

yeah i didn’t even watch owen’s scenes on youtube because i know eventually i’ll see things i don’t like, so i won’t get involved from the beginning

i’ll be back when sandra comes back to claim what’s hers :)