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i’m sorry but if you don’t love cristina yang you are missing out on life

"I think you are either born simple or you’re born… me."

Cristina freaking Yang in 10x19: I’m Winning

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Nice icon ;)

back at you ;)

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no i wouldnt call waching for 10 years a complete waste of time even if crowen doesnt end up together because i still enjoyed the falling in love with them along the way!!! i will be so disappointed if they dont though :( like it will ruin my GA shipping and a part of my soul will cry but you never know... i just like that sandra and kev are such good buddies

Same here. It was worth all the pain and heartbreak tbh, cause they are pure magic to me and they will always be. Aww, I know, kevin and sandra are besties :3 it actually breaks my heart… they are shooting their last episode together… they must be so sad :((

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What is the reason that Burke is coming back? What do you think?

Something work related? I’m not good at speculation…


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Hi. What does canon, headcanon, opt and meme mean? Thanks.

Canon is something that actually happened on the show, headcanon is something you wished happened on the show, otp means one true pairing and meme I don’t know hoe to explain it, sorry

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I think if Owen and Cristina don't end up together - at the very end of the show- I'm gonna feel like I've just wasted 10 years of my life watching this show...

I don’t trust the writers, so honestly I don’t know if they will end up together at the end or not. What I know is that they are the love of each others lives and that for me they will always belong together.